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Spa Treatments

Bask in Luxury

Escape the stress of your everyday routine while you’re at Longleaf Plantation with the various spa services available. Indulge yourself during your wilderness retreat to truly experience the refreshment you’ve been craving.

*Please be advised that spa services must be requested in advance.

Deep Tissue Massage

Feel the tension simply melt away as you luxuriate under the hands of an experienced massage therapist. Close your eyes and calm your mind as you feel your muscles relax in the ultimate setting of opulence and serenity.


Join us where beauty and relaxation meet and enjoy a facial from one of the experienced aestheticians available for your pleasure. Nothing says rejuvenation like being pampered with a one-of-a-kind beauty treatment.


The height of leisurely pleasure, don’t miss out on a hand or foot massage during your manicure and/or pedicure. While during the frenzy of our work-a-day lives our hands and feet can take a beating, a true spa experience would not be complete without squeezing the stress and tension from our fingers and toes.