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An Experience Like No Other

The Perfect Hunt

We Take Care of It All

After a fresh cup of coffee and some warming up on the trap & skeet shooting range, you will be ready for your hunting adventure to begin. When you’re ready, your hunting guide will lead you to your designated course.

You can roam hundreds of acres of dedicated feed patch bursting with an abundance of your desired quarry. After a full morning’s shoot, your party will return to the lodge for a hearty lunch and then head back out to the fields where you might trade hunting partners or explore a new field. The choice is strictly up to you.

Pointing Dogs

Enjoy the assistance of our fine four-legged hunters as they help guide you to the object of your hunt.

A Full-service Experience

Let our experienced guides help create an unforgettable custom experience that you and your companions will talk about for years to come.

An Experience to Remember

About Longleaf Hunting

During your hunt you will enjoy the camaraderie of friends and the thrill of the chase as you travel over this beautiful land that holds such a grand tradition. Of course, in addition to the hunting, the environment itself offers you a spectacular experience. Let the humble solitude wash over you as you stroll down the majestic corridors of trees. Relish the cool breeze as it drifts overs you at dawn, standing on the cusp of your hunting adventure. Surely, this place is nothing short of hallowed ground for those who want to stop the hustle and bustle of the world for a while.